Rukmani Devi Semarum Padanama

26 OCT 2013 , "Rukmani Semarum Gee"

’Rukmanee Samarum Gee’’ - an event organized to be held at the Sawsiripaya Auditorium on the 26th of October from 4 Pm onwards. All funds will be offered to Rukmanee Devi’s beloved sister, suffering ailment, as a tribute to her. Those willing are most welcome to make personal contributions for this project.

liyanage Late Mr. Stanley Liyanage

"The Rukmani Devi Semarum Padanama", under the guidance of Music Director Late Mr. Stanley Liyanage organized a memorial concert on 15th of January 2012. Mr. Liyanage who was a well known musician, a composer and a lyricist breathe his last on the stage while conducting the music for the Rukmani Devi memorial concert that day at the Tower Foundation, Sawusiripaya Auditorium. This is the only show which has been captured on to video. Although there were many memorial functions dedicated to Rukmani Devi in the past, this is the only show which has been captured live on video.

Kanchanamala-Mahavithana Chairperson of the "Rukmani Devi Semarum Padanama"
Mrs. Kanchanamala Mahavithana

After Mr. Stanley Liyanage's untimely death, his wife Mrs. Kanchanamala Mahawithana (A well known actress and a vocalist) was invited to join the "Aunsmarana Sangamaya" and thus the new office bearers was appointed .

After appointing the new office bearers during the first committee meeting, Mrs. Janitha Perera, who is the treasurer of the Aunsmarana Sangamaya brought up the fact that there should be an official web site dedicated to Rukmani Devi as she was the first queen of Sinhala Cinema and that we should gather and store information in a place about Rukmani Devi where the future generations could easily access and use for their learning purposes.

How this idea was mooted in Janitha Neelika Perera's own words....

Janitha-Neelika Treasurer of the "Rukmani Devi Semarum Padanama Desha Shakthi, Keerthi Shri, Shasana Seevie" Mrs. Janitha Neelika Perera

"Mr. Stanely Liyanage and his wife were very close friends of mine and they invited me one day to participate in a television program dedicated for their stage play "Allapu Gedara". During the shoot Mr. Liyanage insisted that I should join the "Rukmani Devi Semarum Padanama" since my mother (Mrs. Sandhya Samaraweera) knew Rukmani Devi very well and both me and my mother were fans of hers. So with the blessings of my mother I joined the Sangamaya and after Mr. Stanley Liyanage's untimely death the new office bearers was appointed and I became the co-treasurer of the Sangamaya. During our first committee meeting I tabled this proposal for everyone's consideration. My mother who knew and loved Rukmani Devi had once told me that there should be a web site dedicated to Rukmani Devi where the information about her is stored and readily available for the future generations to learn about her as she was a great artist and also a wonderful human being. So this idea was always in my mind and since it was my mother's greatest wish to launch a web site about Rukmani Devi. I took the challenge of initiating, launching and maintaining a web site dedicated to her with the blessings of the "Rukmani Devi Semarum Padanama". I feel very happy and honored that I managed to fulfill my mother's dream of launching a web site for Rukmani Devi the first Queen of Sinhala Cinema."


Office Bearers

Chairpersons Mrs. Kanchanamala Mahavithana Secretary Mrs. Sriyani Mallika Music Director Mr. Sameera Subasignhe
    Treasurers Mrs. Janitha Neelika Perera