The story behind in launching a website, dedicated to Rukmani Devi

My mother Mrs. Sandya Samaraweera

My mother Mrs. Sandya Samaraweera has been a passionate admirer of Rukmani Devi from a very young age and she has imitated her a lot. One of my mother's uncles whose name was David had known Eddie Jayamanna and Rukmani Devi personally. He had invited both of them to a relative's wedding and my mother was fortunate to get introduced to Rukmani Devi at that function. After speaking for sometime both of them had become close friends and Rukmani Devi has invited my mother to stay at her residence called "Jaya Ruk" if ever she visits Colombo. My mother was schooling at that time but she has graciously accepted the invitation and after finishing her studies had made a trip to Colombo. After arriving in Colombo she had gone to Negombo to visit Rukmani Devi but had got to know that she has gone to India for a film shoot. Rukmani Devi was shooting for "Diwayogaya" film during that time and Mrs. Irene Mallawarachchi who was one of Rukmani Devi's good friends and also her private secretary had taken my mother to Mr. B. A. W. Jayamanna's residence in Negombo. Mrs. Grace Jayamanna who was the wife of Mr. B. A. w. Jayamanna has taken care of my mother until Rukmani Devi returned to Sri Lanka.

Rukmani Devi's house "Jaya Ruk"
Sandy Samaraweera and Grace Jayamanna
Sandya Samaraweera with Tony & Munasinghe
Sandya Samaraweera with Sampath Sri Nandalochana & Alfrad Edirimanna
Sasara Suka [thieter] Sandya Samaraweera

My mother fondly remembers those days that she spent with Mrs. Jayamanna and truly admits that she will always be a second mother to her. After Rukmani returned from India my mother has moved to her residence called "Jaya Ruk" in Negombo. Rukmani Devi has insisted that my mother should join films and thus she has started acting in movies. My mother Mrs. Sandya Samaraweera had lived with Rukmani Devi until she quitted films and got married. My mother started her film career playing the nurse opposite Mr. Jayaratne (who are the owner of "Jayaratne Florists") who acted as the doctor in the film "Hadissi Viwahaya" in 1959. Although her film career was short, she has acted in many notable films such as "Kawata Andare" and "Apith Surayo" along with Rumani Devi and also in films like "Veera Puran Appo", "Sasara Duka" "Mela", "5.45" "Suraya Surayamai" with Gamini Fonseka and "Jeevana Geethaya". My mother even though left the film world after marriage, her love for films and for Rukmani Devi never faded. She used to visit Rukmani Devi whenever she could and always maintained her friendship with her.

My mother who always admired Rukmani Devi as a amazing artist and also as a very humble human being told me that it is very important that the future generations of Sri Lanka should know about her. She was the one who gave me the idea to launch a web site for Rukmani Devi and with her blessings I am happy and honored for being able to initiate and launch a web site dedicated to Rukmani Devi the first Queen of Sinhala Cinema.

"Desha Shakthi, Keerthi Shri, Shasana Seevie" Mrs. Janitha Neelika Perera
"Desha Shakthi, Keerthi Shri, Shasana Seevie" Mrs. Janitha Neelika Perera